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SurgyPad is specifically designed to maximize patient comfort and security while meeting the safety and set up demands of a wide variety of OR and hospital procedures.

Flexible in its procedural uses and all-inclusive in its design, the SurgyPad system sports a high-density, water-wicking foam pad accompanied by a novel anti-skid strip and six pad-to-table security straps. The built-in arm protectors can be used or not used based on preference in order to wrap the patient's arms to provide extra comfort and prevent unwanted contact during procedures. These versatile foam sleeves are used optionally depending on the preference of the surgeon. As an additional level of protection, an adjustable chest strap is included to further secure the patient to the pad. All these added features with a single item # makes SurgyPad one of the most innovative and holistic OR procedural solutions on the market. 

Features & Benefits


  • Secures patient's arms to their body by utilizing SurgyPad's built-in arm sleeves and Velcro-strap system.
  • Non-skid strip on the back of the pad adds traction between pad and table.
  • Innovative 3-strap system further secures pad to table.


  • Single-use lowers cross contamination.
  • Unique foam sleeves wrap around patient's arms for protection.
  • Suitable for patients with elevated BMI's.

Cost & Time Effective

  • Setup Time < 60 seconds.
  • Standardized removal procedure.
  • Small storage footprint.
  • Single Item # for POs
  • Reduces "never-events"

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