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We know that physicians and technicians readily appreciate the feel and utilization of the procedural instruments they use without hindrance and to be able to use them in a way the manufacturer intended.

The FARBTEK system is the revolutionary, state-of-the-art method of instrument color coding & unique personalization that is far superior to old powder coating techniques that can crack, peel and chip.

When your instruments are color-coded, ID imprinted or electro-polished and coated via the FARBTEK method, safety, efficiency and instrument lifespan can be greatly extended literally saving you thousands of dollars.

The FARBTEK ID system, developed in Germany, is exclusively available in New England from Cunningham Woodland and includes an instrument-lifetime warranty.

The newest, permanent, tested and safe method for customizing and ID-marking your valuable instruments. Many color-coding options (over a dozen color choices) are available.

A permanent Data-Matrix (2D) barcode ID plug can also be imprinted on practically any instrument.

The old method of powder coating or instrument ID tape can flake, peel, become discolored and damage the instrument over time.


Complete Instrument Customization for Safety and Efficiency

The FARBTEK color-coding and barcode ID system is not limited only to instruments, and can even be imprinted on your accessories and trays, allowing the ID and procedural methodologies that you choose to employ at your facility to be completely customized. This can speed up your facility's efficiency processes and reduce incidences of instrument loss or misplacement.

Your instruments can be imprinted at a very reasonable cost in a variety of manners and in any series of color combinations:

  • Color Plug System
  • Liquid Band System, and
  • Bar-Code Plug System, with or without Color Plugs

The FARBTEK color-coding and marking system is virtually impervious to the many rigors of your instruments regular maintenance and care.

Our instrument testing processes after imprinting have been duly comprehensive, and imprinted instruments have even surpassed 4000 steam sterilization cycles.

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