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5" Malis Style Straight Bipolar Forceps

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Product Description

About Stingray Surgical Bipolar Forceps

Stingray Surgical manufactures the largest selection of Non-Stick, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Bipolar Forceps patterns in the world. Stingray’s non-stick bipolar forceps are designed with solid silver alloy tip and have a high level of thermal diffusion which prevents sticking and charring during coagulation of tissue. The silver alloy non-stick tips allow the surgeon to complete a coagulation procedure without frequently wiping the tips.

Product Features

Silver Alloy Tips
Stingray’s non-stick tips have the highest thermal conductibility of all the metals used in manufacturing of bipolar forceps. The non-stick effect is permanently ensured, as the tips are not non-stick plated, but made of solid noble metals. Ordinary stainless steel bipolar forceps lack the heat transfer needed to prevent hot spots on the forceps tips during coagulation, which can cause residuals to stick to tips. Silver alloy allows the surgeon to complete coagulation procedures without frequently wiping of tips.

Stingray’s insulated coating meets and exceeds dialectical safety standards. Custom colors are available for identification for particular surgeon, department, hospital, or surgical center.

The ergonomically designed handle provides less fatigue and a well balanced instrument.

Hidden Irrigation
Developed to increase line of sight compared to regular irrigation. Can be incorporated into many of Stingray’s forceps patterns.

Irrigation Cap
A universal hub connector allows irrigation tubing to be connected easily.

Laser Etching
Provides clear and precise labeling to meet regulatory standards.

Product Options

Stainless Steel
Tip Size (mm) Cat. No. Non-Insulated Cat. No. Insulated Features
0.25 S02-634 S03-634 Irrigation, 1-Stop
0.45 S02-636 S03-636 Irrigation, 1-Stop
Silver Alloy Tips
Tip Size (mm) Cat. No. Insulated Features
0.25 S03-634NS Irrigation, 1-Stop
0.45 S03-636NS Irrigation, 1-Stop
Tip Size (mm) Cat. No. Non-Insulated Cat. No. Insulated Features
0.25 S02-634T S03-634T Irrigation, 1-Stop
0.45 S02-636T S03-636T Irrigation, 1-Stop

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